Smixin Ltd. is a spin-off of the Swiss innovation factory Creaholic that invented the core mixing technology. Creaholic has a long track record in innovation and technology start-ups. 

Smart Mixin Unit SMIXIN™ technology is a platform technology that enables optimal mixing of liquid concentrate, water and air.

The core of the system is a smart mixing unit, which also functions as the cap of the soap recharge bag. The smart mixing unit integrates three functions:

  1. accurate measuring of the amount of soap concentrate
  2. mixing of soap, water and air
  3. dispensing a precise volume of the mixed product

To maintain perfect hygiene the smart smixing unit is replaced with each soap recharge bag.

This innovative mixing technology embeds four years of development by Swiss Engineers and is protected by a portfolio of international patent families.

Hand washing sequence

The controlled pre-mixing of soap, water and air produces the optimal soap-foam. The foam is instantly dispersed across the skin combining wetting and soaping into one step.

The programmable pause enables a defined scrubbing time.

A precise mix of air and water distributed by the specially designed outlet guarantees efficient rinsing.