Planet Horizons

Planet Horizons

Aqua-4D® has gained a reputation around the world for enabling significant  water savings , solving  salinity problems , and preventing  biofilm  and mineral  clogging  in irrigation systems – all while improving yields and production quality.

Every element, every living being radiates natural electromagnetic waves.

All these electromagnetic waves interact and influence diverse processes. Their influence on the water structure and dissolved substances can be critical, specifically on crystallization and biological processes.

To monitor these influences special diagnostic and calculation methods have been developed by Planet Horizons Technologies .

The expertise and knowhow of PHT is understanding how to control efficiently the parameters of the electromagnetic treatment, in order to resolve specific problems in water. Our technology Aqua-4D® works at low frequencies and at very low intensities. The main goal is to recreate a natural water structure, optimizing the ability to dissolve and transport minerals.