OptiENz Sensors

OptiENz Sensors

OptiEnz Sensors offers innovative, breakthrough technology for continuously measuring organic chemical concentrations in water and aqueous solutions. The OptiEnz sensor system is a platform technology that can measure a wide range of organic chemicals including hydrocarbons (e.g., BTEX), alcohols (e.g., ethanol, methanol), sugars (e.g., glucose, xylose, lactose) and solvents (e.g., TCE – trichloroethene). Unlike traditional measurement methods, the OptiEnz sensors deliver immediate results, providing analysis solutions that can be applied to a variety of markets. 

Industrial Biotech Fermenation Biotech and Industrial Fermentation

OptiEnz Sensors can significantly improve the efficiency of industrial fermentation processes for biotech applications including biopharmaceutical development, biofuel production, fermented beverages, and chemical manufacturing through in-place monitoring of sugars and alcohols. The continuous monitoring capability results in improved operating efficiency, scrap reduction, and increased production capacity within new and existing plants. 



dreamstimemedium_5169084 Oil and Gas Waste Water Treatment

Of the more than 1,000,000 oil and gas wells in the United States, about 600,000 use hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) processes that involve injecting water, sand, and chemicals into shale rock formations to create fractures and increase production. Fracking generates produced water and flowback water, significant byproducts associated with oil and gas production that require costly treatment processes. The OptiEnz sensing system will provide in-place, continuous monitoring of contaminant levels (such as BTEX and methanol) at each step in the treatment process, providing immediate analysis of contaminant chemicals and offering a low-cost alternative to traditional sampling procedures. 

Beverage Food, Beverage, and Dairy Production

In 2014 the US produced 30.8 billion gallons of beverages. Given the scale of production, process optimization can lead to significant increases in profitability via improved product quality control. OptiEnz Sensors generate instant data that can be integrated into process control systems. The continuous monitoring also provides value in other process operations, such as mixing or separation. 



Juice Production Environmental and Ground Water

OptiEnz Sensors can be used in a wide range of water quality monitoring applications, including groundwater monitoring, site remediation processes, and municipal water treatment. In groundwater wells, the continuous in-place monitoring capability of OptiEnz Sensors provides data that can help track the effectiveness of aquifer remediation. Continuous monitoring can also increase site remediation efficiency at the more than 1,400 sites included on the EPA’s National Priority List (Super Fund) and at thousands of former industrial (brownfield) sites.