O2WATERATOR develops an innovative aerator system, operated by water pressure rather than electricity, rendering it completely safe, light and simple to operate.

The O2Waterator device comprises of a unique patented motor powered by water, combined with a break-through designed aeration wheel, presenting an entirely new type of oxygen enrichment method, radically different from the traditional paddle wheel, featuring low drag and power consumption.

The advanced design enables oxygen enrichment with better energy efficiency.

The new aerator is entirely made of plastic materials, making it light and durable, ensuring a long product life span and enabling its deployment with ease, thereby cutting on the operating costs of fish farms.

By operating on water pressure alone, the system has no electrical components inside the wet pond environment, thus rendering it completely safe to operate.

Owing to its radical new design, the power needed to operate the aeration wheel is not affected by the depth of immersion, unlike conventional aerators, thus enabling layers mixture in depths deeper than 1 meter, thus increasing the oxygen enrichment in those layers.