Kando is specialized in developing end-to-end wastewater treatment solutions that combine expert service from dedicated professionals with game-changing hardware and software. Our goal is to drive innovation and efficiency in wastewater treatment, using next generation technologies and processes. 

Kando delivers intelligent, revenue generating wastewater management and monitoring solutions to local authorities, water companies, and corporations. 

At Kando, we’re committed to changing the way municipalities and companies think about wastewater management. Instead of reacting to contamination, we have designed a uniquely proactive solution that prevents pollution events.
Kando specialized exclusively in wastewater management and we are fully focused on delivering an intelligent, comprehensive system that improves wastewater quality, reduces maintenance costs, and generates fresh revenue. 

Kando’s system offers you a bird’s-eye view of your whole city, and presents you with a complete map of what is happening on the ground at any given moment. You save on resources since you have no need to chase down critical information, as the data you require on wastewater quality, payments, and updates from field staff all comes directly to you.

Our innovative, self-activating Smart Units monitor wastewater quality in real-time, and enable automatic sampling and process management, to prevent pollution events. They are placed at strategic points for tracking pollution sources, across the city, from remote locations to directly below a main street. Installation is quick and simple with no infrastructure requirements. The system can continue to effectively function for years, continuously transmitting information with no power sources needed.

The units, placed in wastewater manholes, are housed in a highly resilient physical casing, protected from any tampering, while maintaining their sensitivity to the slightest changes in PH levels. The unit antenna emits a cellular signal that broadcasts continuously, activating only when it senses pollution. Kando’s fully automated system dramatically reduces resource expenditure, with no electricity costs and no manpower required for maintenance or monitoring.