Hydrosolutions is a boutique consulting company that provides intelligence for environmental change. The company's focus is on global water challenges and has expertise in climate, agriculture and energy as well as in institutions. Our goal is to turn development risk into opportunity for growth in arid and semi-arid regions. 


Modeling and Data Synthesis

Physical and statistical modeling, data mining.

The company is specialized in developing and applying different types of mathematical models for data synthesis. These include physically based coupled models as well as statistical black box models, including data mining models. Application areas include, but are not limited to, coupled groundwater and surface water, including snow and glaciers. For data, we use different types of sources including from stations, remote sensing and from crowd-sensing for assimilation.  


Forecasting and Optimization

Complex, multi-objective optimization of coupled demand/supply-side problems.

The mathematical models that hydrosolutions develops of the resources and their dynamics can be used for the quantification of the status-quo, for forecasting as well as for exploring optimal management scenarios. We use state-of-the-art forecasting and optimization methods that are tailored to the specifics of the problem under consideration. 


Tradeoff Analysis for Conflict Mitigation

Socio-economic and instiutional tradeoffs.

Taking into account the full complexity of real-world water resources challenges, hydrosolutions approach is always directed at the quantification of impacts from use on all stakeholders, including the environment. This multi-objective approach allows for the quantification of tradeoffs and, with that, helps to address existing and future conflicts over divergent objectives in catchments.  


Web App Deployment

Single Page Application (SPA) development, in particular using AngularJS as main framework, SQL databases,design of REST APIs, full web stack management and deployment.

All to often, software development and deployment still relies on expensive proprietary solutions. With the new possibilities of robust online release of server-client software, new and innovative business models can be explored with end users that are highly versatile and tailored to local solutions, that are highly scalable and extraordinarily robust with regard to stability. hydrosolutions believes in the new web paradigm and develops and deploys its applications accordingly with a focus on client needs. The company works with in-house and a variety of local software developers to develop solutions in time and on target.