BioGill is a biotechnology company that manufactures unique above ground, attached growth bioreactors and biofilters used worldwide in water treatment systems. Our step change technology is now operating in more than fourteen countries, effectively treating aquaculture ponds and a variety of wastewaters from food & beverage processing, sewage, commercial kitchens, grease traps and grey water. 

We are a biotechnology company manufacturing above ground, attached growth bioreactors that deliver highly effective, low cost and energy efficient water treatment systems. BioGill combines simple, yet smart technology and natural biological processes, to remove contaminants from water. Our goal is to deliver water treatment solutions that are good for the environment and good for the bottom line.

Ideal for Decentralised Sewage, Food & Beverage and Aquaculture

At the technology's core is a uniquely designed nano ceramic gill that provides the ideal support media to grow a thick and active treating biomass. Microorganisms are Nature’s ultimate decomposers and recyclers, growing best in a high nutrient and high oxygen environment. BioGill units are scientifically designed to provide the perfect liquid/air, oxygen-rich environments for microorganisms to thrive. This effectively turbocharges nutrient removal from the water stream.

Key Benefits of BioGill Water Treatment Technology

BioGill technology is ideal for low energy, low sludge onsite treatment of Sewage; highly effective nitrogen, soluble BOD and COD removal from Food & Beverage wastewaters and improving pond water quality in Aquaculture. The technology is modular and scalable, future proofing water treatment systems. BioGill is ideal too as a treatment boost, retrofit option to improve under performing facilities.