Aquarius Spectrum

Aquarius Spectrum

Aquarius-Spectrum is a technology leader in the following areas:

  1. Online leak detection in water pipes
  2. Continuous monitoring of water networks
  3. Enabling a high level of water system operation and maintenance
  4. Advanced tools for budget planning

Aquarius-Spectrum’s patented comprehensive solution can monitor an entire water distribution network and provide a complete up-to-date graphical representation of history and statistics of every point of failure. This provides engineers and decision makers in municipal water utilities and water service providers with clear decision support information to give top service at an affordable cost. It empowers you with the information you need for efficient replacement and optimal repair. 


Aquarius-Spectrum AQS water pipe monitoring solutions consist of unique proprietary technologies that are integrated into a single harmonious system.

The system components include:

  1. Advanced acoustic sensor technology
  2. Correlation-based leak detection and leak location
  3. GPS positioning and time synchronization with 3G cellular communication
  4. Advanced signal processing algorithms and web-based GUI
  5. Patented smartphone-based acoustic sensors enabling correlation and noise logging/mapping