Aquallence was founded in 2010 with the goal of becoming a global leader in the field of Point Of Use (POU) water purification.

Our advanced water purification systems utilize our new ozone technology and extreme low energy to provide the highest possible purification quality.

Our transportable water purifying systems, PortoBlue & EcoBlue, are an ideal first responder solution for mobile forces, rescue units and special missions operating under severe conditions or in disaster stricken areas. In addition, our systems are the ideal solution for rural areas with no clean water or unstable electricity, as well as urban centers with aging water infrastructures, which are vulnerable to sewage and waste contamination.

A supply of portable low energy purification systems that do not rely on electricity have a dramatic effect on developing countries, saving the lives of millions of people and greatly affecting disaster stricken areas, where the water system has been damaged without repair.

We are out to make the world a better place by generating better water everywhere. For the very first time, an independent water purification system will ensure complete drinking safety, at an affordable price. 


Aquallence technology is based on OzoBlue, a unique patented ozone generator. While other existing ozone generators suffer from high energy consumption, limited lifespan, need for electrode cooling and an unstable ozone supply, OzoBlue is a cutting-edge patent pending ozone generator that is extremely energy-efficient and stable in comparison with other existing ozone generators.

Our technology's attributes include:

Our technology generates extremely high water quality: