David Hurt

My 45 years in the water market with three of the major water treatment companies has included 20+ years of field experience, 10 years of Regional Management, and 10 years of multiple Corporate Assignments, and 5 years of Consulting.  

At retirement I designed Internet software that used the years of actual field experience with HVAC cooling and heating systems.  It provides an innovative low cost approach to developing daily steam boiler loads and cloud reporting of operating information such as water usage and energy consumption with daily cost projections on actual steam loads, with added "what-if" analyses for system improvements.

A market analysis,  product PowerPoint overview, and software operating manual is available to any corporation interested in evaluating the field of HVAC water/energy/cost reports for benchmarking, sustaining, and improving system performance.  Flexible terms are offered to purchasing the software on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.