Anro Barnard, Senior Lecturer at North West University

I am a professionally registered chemical engineer.  I started my career in Research and Development for the environmental engineering department of a large petrochemical company in South Africa.  Thereafter I moved to a hexene production facility to obtain experience in the fields of plant operation and maintenance, which was implemented during my time as a process engineer at a desalination plant.  At the desalination plant, I worked on a falling film evaporator and reverse osmosis plants.  My industry experience ended with a couple of months of experience at a fertilizer production facility. 

I returned to university with the aim of doing a PHD, but am still looking for a project with sufficient industry involvement as I do not believe in doing research that does not have an impact on industry, environment or community.  I am lecturing the students in transfer principles (mass, heat and momentum transfer) and also assist them with the design of a plant.  In 2016 this was an acid mine drainage treatment facility.