Ahmad Hatami, CEO at Berjis Behine Eade

Ahmad Hatami, CEO at Berjis Behine Eade

Personal details

Name /Surname : Ahmad Hatami

Address : No. 14 , Hasheminejad 8 , Hasheminejad , Mashhad , Iran – postal code  9145615795

Tel/Fax : 02188954325 Mobile : 09124489866

Email: bbecompany@gmail.com

Education and qualifications

BCs  Degree in Mechanical Engineering   graduated  in Khaje Nasir  Tosi University

Work experience

In 2002 : Having long study on energy saving , I decide to work on electrical energy, In my country 63% of electrical energy consumption is by A-synchronize electro motors . I contacted some electromotor energy saving  instruments  producers , I selected c company form Germany Igel electronics company , I introduced their Variable Speed Drive and Soft starters to Water and waste water companies In Iran .

2003  to 2008 : I have sold about  200 units  VSD and SST to water and waste water , for 95  cities , 105 villages pump station and  deep well  ..form 15 kw  to 350 kw .

2006: In Iraq rebuilding Jordan Aman , I have had negotiation with some companies, working in field of water and energy , finally ,base on my country ‘s need I thought  Iran’s market  has good opportunity for  potable water storage tank , new Idea” Factory Coated Bolted Tank ,made by CST tank

2006 : I offered  to my client , Rural W&WW company , I sold the 1st water storage tank 200 Cubic meter  for a village in middle of Iran . I organized a team with 2 individual sub – team, one for civil part and one for mechanical part , we have erected the tank in 2 months  and complete it  and put in network .

2007 to now : up to now , I and my teams  have developed our experience in designing , selecting , civil engineering , erecting “Factory Coated Bolted Tank “ made by CST tank , GLS tank  , Perma store tank , Omeras Tank GmbH … most of them form CST tank ,for potable water storage tank ,25 units tanks form 50 cubic meter to 1500 cubic meter  .

2014 I have installed a Medium voltage Soft starter 9 Mega Watt , 6600 Voltage  for an oxygen company 

Interests and achievements

Trip , Walking in the woods, Biking , Driving ,Finding New opportunity in  Internet ( Linked In ) , industrial tap , Math , Sudoku.


Language: English, Russian, Germany  , starting Italy language

Computer: Auto Cat , Mechanical desktop , Office , Photoshop , B P writing , GPS soft wear