PDA Grant

PDA Grant

Get a $50,000 grant to try out your innovative solution to your local water problem, be it an approach, a technology, or a business model.

Eligibility and proposal requirements

  1. Know if your institution is qualified to apply for a pilot and demonstration activity (PDA).  Institutions and organizations eligible to apply for a PDA are:
    • Government agencies (national and subregional) or local governments in ADB’s developing member countries
    • International and national nongovernment organizations
    • Academic and research institutions
  2. Write your PDA proposal.  
    (Please see the attached PDA Request Form )
    Your PDA proposal should be of an innovative water project that:
    • Projects wholly comprised of workshops and conferences
    • Projects wholly comprised of training/course materials development
    • Projects wholly focused on capacity building
    • Activities that would typically be included in a technical assistance (TA) or loan-funded project
    • Activities merely adding to an actual TA or project, e.g. preparation of additional sub-project appraisal reports
    • Can be implemented within 12 months or less
    • Requires no more than $50,000 financial assistance
    • Does not duplicate ongoing or pipelined activity in the developing member country
    • Is directly relevant to the sector outcomes cited in the Country Partnership Strategy for the country concerned
    PDA proposals are reviewed based on technical merits, innovation, and potential for replication. Proposed projects that would not qualify are:
  3. Submit your proposal.  Send completed PDA Request Form via email to the PDA Manager.

Proposal approval process

PDAs generally undergo the three steps of the PDA Approval Process. These are:

  1. PDA manager reviews applications.  ADB’s PDA Manager will review your proposal according to its technical merits, extent and nature of proposed innovation, and potential for scaling up and replication. 
  2. An ADB staff is designated as PDA Officer.  An ADB Staff will be designated as PDA Officer tasked to oversee the PDA’s implementation 
  3. In-house advisory panel decides.  An in-house Advisory Panel will make the final decision on the approval of your proposal.

Implementation arrangements

The PDA Manager will notify you via email of the outcome of your proposal's review by the PDA Advisory Panel. For approved proposals, ADB will request concurrence from the government. In the meantime, the PDA Manager will prepare a Letter of Agreement (LOA) to be signed by ADB and the Executing Agency. 

For the implementation of each PDA, national and international NGOs, academic/research institutions and, where needed, domestic and/or international short-term individual consultants may be engaged by the Executing Agency to assist in the implementation of the project. 

Implementing parties can begin operations upon receipt of all required documents. The funds will be released based on the payment schedule and requirements defined in the LOA. 

Source: ADB