CEO Buys Aquarius Technologies

CEO Buys Aquarius Technologies

Port Washington-based wastewater treatment firm Aquarius Technologies Inc. has been acquired by its president and chief executive officer Deborah LaVelle

logo (2).jpgLaVelle purchased Aquarius from an ownership group through her newly created company, Aquarius Technologies LLC.

“What we have is a consolidation plan of bringing both of the facilities together for additional expansion as we continue to grow,” she said. “Last year, when we were looking for property, we were able to see some places over in Saukville and Jackson, but we’re certainly definitely going to stay in this area.”

LaVelle also plans to expand Aquarius’ focus to include both diffused aeration systems and biological wastewater treatment solutions. Demand is growing for industrial water pre-treatment, as well as municipal systems that allow water reuse in water scarce areas. About 80 percent of Aquarius’ customers are municipalities.

“Worldwide, many existing wastewater treatment plants need to replace aging infrastructure,” LaVelle said. “As they do so, many will employ biological treatment to reach the level of treatment required by today’s stringent environmental regulations.”

“Aquarius is the only U.S. manufacturer of diffused aeration systems, which should, in fact, put us in a favorable position, but typically we’re hampered by the fact of a lot of our competitors outsourcing to other countries,” she said. 

Source: BizTimes