Aquarius Spectrum Launches iQuarius™ on FATHOM Store

Aquarius Spectrum Launches iQuarius™ on FATHOM Store

Aquarius Spectrum Ltd., a leading provider of cloud technology solutions for monitoring municipal water distribution networks and leak detection, today announced a new partnership with FATHOM Water Management, Inc. (“FATHOM”).

Mobile2with-sticker2.pngAquarius Spectrum will offer its iQuarius™ solution through the FATHOM Store, an online marketplace designed to enable simple, fast and risk-free adoption of new technologies for water utilities. 

iQuarius™ is a groundbreaking mobile system for water pipe leak detection. It combines an Android app with an acoustic widget, a sensor which creates a powerful system that can perform the following:

  1. Pipe listening – Allows listening and recording very low frequency sound vibrations. It also provides a graphical presentation of these frequencies.
  2. Acoustic Survey – A GIS based acoustic logging that measure the vibration intensity in water pipes. The noise is recorded and automatically sent to the server for further analysis.
  3. Acoustic Correlation – iQuarius™ offers a unique feature which enable to perform correlation between two mobile sensors. Allowing to pinpoint the exact location of a leak.

iQuarius™ is ideal for leak detection service teams that can use it for both leaks surveys and pinpointing. A user-friendly approach enables ease of operation.

Source: Aquarius Spectrum